Thursday, May 16, 2013

Refueling Your Body Post Workout and Welcome New Readers! ...

It's now week 4 of My Fitness Journey #2 and I have to say that I feel great.  Slowly incorporating exercise and clean eating in my life has given me so much more energy as a Mom and I am able to handle postpartum much better than my first pregnancy.  My precious daughter is now 12 weeks old and sleeping right around 6-8 hours a night.  Here is sweet baby girl at 3 months.  Time flies!

We occasionally still have the 3-5 hours sleep cycle where she wakes up Mommy 2-3 times, but now it's mostly 1 feeding in the middle of the night.  I made sure to wait until we established a good sleep routine before I tackled working out in the mornings.  If she wakes me up more than 2 times the night before, my workout would be a stroller walk around our neighborhood.  Still a great workout because my neighborhood has hills and I have baby girl with me the whole time.

Since My Fitness Journey #1, I have made new friends, hence new readers!  A few don't know about My Fitness Journey #1 so here is a link HERE.  I took it so far as to compete in my first fitness competition HERE.  Now it is 2013 and I have another little angel named Genevieve Rose.  Alexander (my 4 year old) still eats majority of the time healthy and indulges in his "treat" meal on the weekends (normally a happy meal and cookie with grandpa).  As a busy Mom, I try to cook a meal for my family during the week and we enjoy a restaurant dinner one night of the weekend.  We also go out as a family for breakfast on Sunday morning at a local diner here where we live.  It's not all roses; there are weeknights where my son may have an activity at his preschool or Daddy/Mommy had to stay late at work and the convenience of a restaurant is just logical.  But those are rare as I plan my grocery list based on meals I plan to cook for the week.  I am a strong advocate that children who are exposed to healthy eating from the get-go will lead a healthier lifestyle as they grow.  I started Alexander on veggies since he was 5 months old.  Hubby and I shared the task of steaming and pureeing his fruits and veggies and then to finger foods.  To this day, he does not fight me when I ask him to eat his veggies.  It's also important that he sees Mommy and Daddy eat the same healthy foods.  I look forward to doing the same with Genevieve in just a couple of months!  Here is a plate of Alexander's fishsticks.  This boy does not like the breading, so each time I have to remove the breading and he just eats the fish.  I really should just cook him tilapia vs fishsticks.  I paired the meal with sautéed squash and zucchini:

As I get going with my journey #2, I can't stress enough how important it is to view food as a source of FUEL for your body.  After a workout, it does no good to the body when you head home and 1.) not eat (or refuel as I call it) and 2.) eat, but make poor choices!  I have seen trainers at my gym drinking starbucks and cokes and as a client, I ask myself why in the world would I hire you to train me if you don't do the other part of building a healthy and lean body?  It saddens me when I meet people who say they only eat once a day.  Or they skip breakfast and just wait for lunch.  Or send their kids to preschool with a bag of donut holes and fruit snacks and call that breakfast :-/ SMH ... each time I drop off Alexander at preschool, I see cars lined up at the donut shop across the street.  This donut shop was smart.  They put a DRIVE-THRU so you don't even have to get out of the car and bring your kiddos in.  How convenient is that?  Don't mistaken me, my son and I love donuts (who doesn't?), but that shouldn't be a staple breakfast in your child's diet.  I save donut time one weekend a month or for special occasions.  Now, you say well there just isn't time for me to eat!  I get you!  As Moms, we normally put ourselves LAST and our kids (and hubby) first.  I've had many times where I had to skip breakfast because there simply just wasn't any time for me to eat and I didn't want anything unhealthy so heck just skipped altogether.  Well, this is where planning comes in.  To help me not skip meals, I try to cook the clean foods in bulk (i.e. boil brown rice, make a huge bowl of salad sans dressing, baked fish, grilled chicken, steamed sweet potatoes, sautee veggies, cut up fruits - for the WEEK).  Each morning hubby and I have oatmeal so we designated him as the oatmeal chef and I take over getting the kiddos ready for the day.  It's called TEAMWORK.  Hubby and I are still working out the kinks of the routines, but definitely cooking in bulk helps a great deal.
I am not a nutritionist by all means and please remember that what I say in my blog are examples or experiences that worked for ME and my family.  The purpose of the blog is to help me answer emails/texts/calls about your questions on clean eating and exercise.  With a full-time job, a 4 year old and now a 3 month old, it's difficult to address everything I receive and that's how this blog came to life.  I love to help you :-) ...
I didn't lose my weight on my fitness journey #1 or compete in a competition with just one component.  I had to eat clean AND exercise.  I am not one of those people who can eat pretty much anything I want and still stay lean.  Honestly, can you say those people are really HEALTHY?  Just because a person looks skinny or not overweight, but eats like crap does NOT make them healthy.  Eventually the crap eating will catch up with them.  Would you rather be that person or a person who embraces clean eating and fitness and LIVE it?
My point is try to view food as your body's source of fuel or refuel.  After a workout, why would you erase all that hardwork you just put in to complete that workout by making poor food choices?  Since yesterday was a rest day for me, I did a body weights class this morning and followed up with cardio kickboxing right after.  In between, I drank an all natural vanilla whey protein shake (mixed with water) to refuel after the weights workout class and give me energy to complete kickboxing.  When I got home, I made my lunch which was a modified chicken fried rice on a bed of spinach.  First, I sautéed spinach and put on a plate.  I then sautéed onions, grilled chicken and 1/2 cup of brown rice (both already in my fridge), peas and carrots in a pan, seasoned with a little bit of soy sauce and black pepper.  I added a few grape tomatoes on the side because I just love tomatoes ;-) ...
So blog point of the day is to make healthy and clean food choices after your workout.  Don't just take a step forward by completing an awesome workout only to take 3 steps backwards by eating awful right after.  Continue going forward.  That's the only way you'll get results and that's what I mean when I say "you can't out train a BAD diet."

Have a great rest of the week!
Mrs. Chilly
Check out my friend Julie's fitness page HERE!  She is my bodyworks (weights class), kickboxing instructor and friend :-) - without her, I wouldn't be where I'm at today.  She is starting a bootcamp in June to help us ladies get ready for summer!  Message her if interested or need more information.  Thanks!


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