Thursday, May 2, 2013

.... And I am Back :-)

Well, last week I started back up again at the gym.  I won't lie and say it was easy considering I have done a fitness competition before and my body has endured extreme, hardcore training.  No ma'am - it was hard as hell!  Even finding the right clothes to wear to the gym took some time and frustration.  For now, my Lululemons will have to wait a few more months (hopefully) before I can fit in them comfortably again (and I will!!).  I went ahead and purchased new sportsbras (which is a MUST because my old ones didn't fit) - Moving Comfort Juno.  The same one that Mama Laughlin uses (Mama if you're reading this - THANKS!!! the sportsbra is fabulous and keeps the girls in place ;) ... I also purchased much needed shoes (yes, I had to go bright!) - these are super comfortable for the group exercise classes I take as well as doing plyometrics and spin.  My running shoes will probably need to be replaced soon too ...

So the first week, I was a little bummed ... I couldn't even do two "real" push-ups whereas before I popped those babies out like nothing .. but the "bumming" didn't last for long.  I can either stay and feel sorry for myself OR get to WORK.  I chose the latter.  Rewind back to my birth experience, I have to say this second pregnancy was so much easier, where I wasn't a "human dyson" and ate everything in sight.  Ughhh.  Memories of the first pregnancy just popped in my mind.  I gained a total of 45lbs with Genevieve and 65lbs with Alexander.  I still had the cravings with this pregnancy (fried catfish at 7 weeks and thai tea the entire pregnancy and then after, etc), but I tried to balance it with homemade salads, fish and eggs.  I couldn't stomach oatmeal or eggwhites for the life of me so those clean foods went out the window unfortunately.  I carried my water with me 24/7 even when I went to sleep .. and I still do.

My pregnancy with Genevieve overall was wonderful (minus the morning sickness the first 20 weeks) and I exercised up to 24 weeks at the gym.  That's one of the main difference with the pregnancies as well was that I was active the second time around.  After 24 weeks though, I was instructed by my doctor to take it easy and do casual walks due to an issue I had with the pregnancy.  So I froze my membership indefinitely.  That was SOOO hard considering the level of fitness I was so used to.  Aside from family, fitness was my passion, my outlet, my escape for 1-2 hours a day.  Walking bored me honestly unless it was with my family.  To go from the fitness level I was used to to casual walker was difficult, but I knew that it wasn't about me, but about my baby girl.  After a couple of weeks, I got over it and accepted the change.  Actually in retrospect, the hiatus was nice and very much needed.

Natural birth also helped me jumpstart my fitness journey #2 much, much quicker.  From my own experience, you recover so much faster than with a medicated birth.  I am emphasizing "from my own experience" here, there is no right or wrong.  I just chose to go the natural way and hubby and I educated ourselves by hiring a doula/taking classes to achieve that.  It was also a wonderful way for us to bond with each other and the miracle that was growing inside of me.  My first birth didn't go as smoothly and afterwards, I felt more sluggish and didn't have the energy I have now after my second baby.  I have no regrets with the birth plan for my second as it has helped me bounce back slowly, but surely to the journey of getting fit again.  After hibernating with my family for 4 weeks, I started walking again at 5 weeks postpartum (2 miles at the park or our neighborhood) and back at the gym at 10 weeks postpartum.  It's now 11 weeks postpartum and I feel great.  It's also comforting to see familiar faces at the gym and to know that my friends are here to support me in my journey back to good ol' me.  In addition, I've also started back up my clean eating where I eat 5 small meals a day, with protein at each meal.  Genevieve has now started to sleep between 6-8 hours a night so in the mornings I am able to find time to eat breakfast, spend time w/ my son before he heads to preschool and get ready to work-out.  I am thankful to have my Mom so close by to help with Genevieve so I can have 1-2 hours to myself on days I need it.  Being fit helps me become a better Mommy to my children and give me energy to do more activities with them.

So diet.  What do I eat?  Fortunately, oatmeal and eggwhites do not gross me out anymore where it did during pregnancy.  So each morning, I try to eat 2 eggwhites mixed in with 1 egg (with yolk cooked sunny side up) and 1/3 homemade Quakers oatmeal topped with an assortment of berries and 1 tbsp. of ground flaxseed.  On the weekends when I have a bit more time and the help of hubby, I would cook a spinach eggwhite omelette with lots of veggies.  I have grown to love oatmeal again and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  For AM snack, normally after working out, I drink a natural vanilla whey protein from Whole Foods (Whey Factors) recommended by my friend Deepa.  This whey protein does not contain any artificial sweeteners which is not recommended when breastfeeding. 

I only take this after weight lifting a specific muscle group.  For lunch, I have a 1/2 cup of brown rice, homemade spring mix salad with 1 tbsp. of light balsamic vinaigrette and 1 tbsp of olive oil with a protein (ie. tilapia, chicken breast, lean flank steak, shrimp, etc).  Today I had sautéed zucchini and squash with onions instead of a salad.  The key with clean eating is portion control.  If I have extra time in the morning, I go ahead and bake my fish so it is ready by lunchtime.  I always have brown rice already cooked in the fridge so I just have to heat it up!  Sweet potatoes is great too, but I still can't stomach the texture :-/ ..  Now for dinner, I can still eat what I cook for my family (except pizza!).  Monday evenings is grill night so hubby grills porkchops for my son, steak for him and I and chicken breasts for the week.  I just portion mine to 4oz and save the rest for the week.  Most of my friends know I plan my grocery list for the week based on the meals I cook for the family.  Tuesday night is seafood night and I rotate from tuna melts to baked salmon.  My son loves salmon and brocolli!!  Here is a picture of his cute little plate:

Now, I do normally eat white rice with this meal, but again in moderation.  It helps I only cook 1 cup so no one overindulges in white rice!  Wednesday evening is pizza night (pizza from Costco) so that meal is only for hubby and Alexander.  I would make normally a grilled chicken salad or eat breakfast for dinner (less the oatmeal because I don't eat carbs after 5pm).  Just depends what I feel.  For PM snack.  If I am at home, I normally would go more for cooked foods vs the Whey Factors protein and opt for 3 eggwhites and 1 tbsp of almond butter (one of my faves) or a serving of Oikos greek yogurt:

Since I am breastfeeding, I try to limit my whey protein (even though it's natural) intake as a PM snack.  Thursday evening is a rotation of requests from my boys:  potroast, spaghetti, Filipino dishes, etc.  I still eat these foods with them, but try to eat more of the clean foods that accompany the meals (ie. spaghetti - eat more of the salad vs pasta and skip the garlic bread; potroast - substitute brown rice vs white rice - the meat is pretty lean already which I try to choose at the supermarket).  Filipino foods I rarely cook (about once a month), but when I do, I consider it as one of my two cheat meals for the week.  And trust me, I look forward to my 2 cheat meals a week! :-) ....

I am still experimenting with clean foods.  I am having to look back at my fitness food albums and journals as well as check out my fitness friends' albums (the amazing Laura Lam Ortiz!!) ... It has only been my second week so I still have a ways to go.  BUT the hardest hurdle of them all has been reached and that is starting back up my workouts, clean eating and again finding that drive/motivation spirit I had before!  That part I have accomplished and I can't even begin to tell you how pumped and motivated I am to DO this! ...  I am so thankful to have family and friends who have supported me in the first journey and who is supporting me with THIS journey the second time around.  I feel awesome and now accumulating energy to enjoy both my sweet and smart 4 year old son and my precious, beautiful baby girl :-) ....  My two babies!

Remember clean eating is a MUST with exercise if you want to see any changes!  You can't out train a bad diet.

The rest of 2013 is going to ROCK!  Stay tuned.

Mrs. Chilly

the GOAL - 125lbs and muscle tone ;)

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