Monday, March 4, 2013

Post Pregnancy Update

3 hours of interrupted sleep, sore breasts from breastfeeding and just pure fatigue, I thought why not blog today?  This will jumpstart my Monday!  LoL!

Hey all, it is now March and from my past post (sorry I didn't get to posting in December like I said), I updated ya'll that hubby and I were expecting baby chilly #2!  Well here she is, our Miss Genevieve! ... Newborn pictures taken when she was only 6 days old ...

I am thankful to be able to spend each day with her until August when I return to work.  She is almost 4 weeks old.  She is our little angel and I cannot begin to describe the immense feeling of having a little girl in our lives.  Big brother Alexander is Mommy's helper and he is always kissing Genevieve on the forehead, telling her he loves her.  I am blessed to have two wonderful children.
I have been receiving several texts and emails inquiring about the pregnancy and well-wishes etc (thank you for all that!).  Day of labor, I had gained a total of 45lbs.  20lbs below what I gained with my first baby.  I knew this was a much better pregnancy because at the end I was still comfortably wearing my wedding rings, my legs were not miserably swollen, I didn't have that belly itching problem (PUPPs they call it?) and I managed to still be able to walk for exercise and have a 90% natural childbirth.  At 24 weeks, I was instructed by my doctor to stop the step aerobics (due to bleeding) and just walk.  This was really hard for me to do because as you all know, I love to exercise!  But this wasn't about me, but baby so I followed what the doctor prescribed and just walked when I could.  My gym membership was frozen that week and to this day I am still contemplating of "unfreezing" it. 
Which brings me to my next topic and what most of you want to know.  The texts and emails I've been receiving is mainly, "how do you plan to lose the weight?" ...  Well, just by giving birth alone I lost between 20-25lbs and I am exclusively breastfeeding my daughter which burns about 500-600 calories a day.  Just last week, I started to eat my eggwhites and oatmeal again (my post below I mentioned that I couldn't tolerate either during pregnancy :-/).  I have to keep up my caloric intake (an additional 500 cal or so) while breastfeeding, but I am definitely making better choices.  My lunch would consists of my normal brown rice (3/4 cup vs 1/2 cup), tilapia fillets and steamed brocolli.  I also like to make a grilled chicken sandwich with a bowl of tortilla soup.  Hubby still grills chicken breasts on Monday evenings which helps.  So slowly, I am gearing back to my old eating habits.  I drink plenty of water each day (one of my favorite purchases is my Starbucks water holder).  I like my water extra cold so I probably fill this thing up 6-8 times a day with ice!  I never leave home without it either.  This was a must-have too during my pregnancy. Portion control is also something I have been watching too.  While I am not yet at my 5 meals a day, I try to incorporate small snacks when I can (or when baby schedule lets me eat!) and I have a handful of almonds, mango slices, 1 tbsp of almond butter or an oikos greek yogurt with fruit:
Now for exercise.  I guess you can say this is my "draft" version!  The weather in Texas is slowly getting warmer (81 degrees today!) so I see lots of walks in my future.  I am thinking of unfreezing my gym membership or switching gyms after Genevieve is 12 weeks old by slowly taking 2-3 classes a week.  I am starting really SLOW ok?!  I am sure after I leave that first class, I will be sore like a son of a gun.  I also plan to train with my good friend Tracy Payne of Xtreme Fitness.  She was my trainer back when I competed for my first competition back in August of 2011 (link here).  I am saving training with her until I have weaned Genevieve from breastfeeding which will be next year in February.  But then that is my busy season at work so it will most likely be May 2014 when I train hardcore along with competition diet.  12 weeks of that should whip me up in shape!  As for now, almost 4 weeks postpartum, I am enjoying my new baby and getting acclimated with having two kiddos.  It is definitely a transition, but overall very rewarding and just awesome.  I love it! ...
I am looking forward to starting up my walks and gradually starting up my classes at the gym after 12 weeks postpartum.  Delivery-wise, this was by far the easier of the two and I feel great.  With my first pregnancy, post-partum I felt sluggish and had less energy which explains why I had the post-partum blues.  With this, after 2 weeks postpartum, hubby had to remind me to slow my @$$ down!  I was ready to start doing what I used to do!!  I am just that type, I can never relax.  I feel like I always have to be doing something :-/ ...
Anyway, there you have it.  That is my plan for now which could change.  I feel blessed to have good friends who have supported me back when and who support me now (Crystal, Laura, Leslie, Laquanda, Stefanie just to name a few).  Hey, if you want to do this with me, just let me know! :-) ... Perhaps we can start our own little group and help each other stay accountable.
Mrs. Chilly