Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's a GIRL! Another blessing on the way ...



I know, I know ... you are all wondering where the heck have I been!?! ... A casual fitness and fashion blogger gone total MIA.  Well, as you can see above, hubby and I are expecting baby chilly #2!  And based from what I have read and talked about with other girlfriends who are having a girl, morning sickness is present more when carrying a little princess.  That's where I've been.

I am currently 21 weeks pregnant as of today and still suffer from nausea on and off.  From conception (back in May) to about 14 weeks, it was constant fatigue, vomiting and just pure misery.  With my first child (boy), I had nausea for about a week and it was smooth sailing from then on (minus of course the gaining of 65 freak'n pounds!?!!!!) .... With this little diva, I am prescribed 4mg of zofran, WAS prescribed fenegrin for which I decided to stop.  I only took that medication in the evenings because it made me groggy and rather sleepy.  Oh and this may be TMI, but zofran causes constipation as well so a little help from stool softeners was also needed :-/ ..... Needless to say, any free time I had, I spent resting and sleeping while juggling a full-time job, full-time mommy/wife duties and managing a household.  I had no time (and energy to blog) unfortunately.

I'll touch base on a few things ....

As far as diet goes, carbs were my friend during the first 14 weeks of misery.  As you all knew, my morning breakfast consisted of eggwhites.  That did not go well with what I was feeling and often saw it right back up.  It took a few more weeks to get the oatmeal to settle so pretty much I went for the whole wheat toast or this Filipino bread called "pandesal."  Milk also made my stomach upset; so I took my calcium mainly from cheese.  Absolutely no greek yogurt as it made me sick.  So as you can see, my so-called "clean foods" went out the door.  I had to eat pretty much what would stay down and what I craved (I remember week 7, I just wanted catfish and week 8, ramen noodles!).

Exercise you wonder?  Well, prior to learning I was pregnant, spin classes were my favorites.  As most of you, exercise is a must and your day just isn't complete if you don't do some type of movement.  Surprisingly, I still managed to go twice a week to spin, but after the 9-10 weeks mark, I just couldn't sit on that bike for an hour.  I had to change my routine.  I then switched to step aerobics where it didn't keep me on the bike and sitting for an hour, but rather moving and even listening to the instructor's queues, I felt exercised my brain/listening skills.  Of course, I don't do any of the fancy steps like I used to do, but rather modify some of the moves and still get an awesome cardio workout.  I honestly don't know how I did it; my doctor says it was because I was already active prior to getting pregnant that I was able to exercise pass through the morning sickness.

Midway through I have gained 15lbs with 19 weeks to go.  As most of you know, my first pregnancy I had gained a whopping 65lbs :-/ ... well, I'm not repeating that again!  I am doing step aerobics class 3 times a week and walking after dinner with my hubby and son when the Texas evening weather is nice.  I won't lie to you that the cravings for "bad" things aren't there.  Mainly I miss drinking something other than ice cold water that I would drink 8-10 oz of Dr. Pepper once every two weeks, or get a cup of hot cocoa at Starbucks.  These are rare cravings, but when I do the doctor has instructed that it's alright and I enjoy every last drop.  The mornings I do have time to cook, I make a spinach egg omelet with sprinkle of cheese (for calcium) and one turkey bacon.  Lunch would consist of a sandwich (either turkey or roast beef deli meat heated up 1 minute in the microwave) or a salad.  I cook salmon once a week for the baby as well as for hubby and Alexander (who loves it with his steamed brocolli).  Days I am nauseous, I would cook creamy chicken ramen noodles!!!  It's not the healthiest I know, but I would add at least spinach, nappa cabbage and lime with dash of black pepper so I get some nutrients.  I crack an egg in there once in awhile for protein.  Like I said, carbs help ease my nausea for some reason.

I will post a more recent belly photo soon (the one below is at 13 weeks).  Work is extremely crazy at this time (us accountants have the 10/15 extension deadline coming up).  I have 3 formal parties to attend to in December so finding an outfit will be a challenge, considering I'll be 8 months pregnant!!!  But I'll try to post that too ;).

All I can say though is this pregnancy, although it has been more difficult, I definitely am much healthier and more aware of how much I gain.  Many of you have asked if this is my last pregnancy.  The answer is yes.  Hubby and I decided that 2 is a good number to stop at this time, considering the demands of our professional careers.  I do plan to do another fitness competition in the future just for fun, when my kids are older and I have time to devote to such goal.  The next few years will be devoted to my kids and I look forward to becoming a Mommy all over again!  It truly is the best JOB in the universe.  "The hardest job you'll ever love" I like to say.

Stay tuned though for "My Fitness Journey #2" where I will be working on losing the post-pregnancy pounds and get back to my goal of healthy 125lbs.  I plan to breastfeed for a year so I won't be doing anything too crazy and definitely won't be stressing on losing the weight.  Like I have said before, my weight does not define me.  I am fully commited to not only continuing to take care of myself, but enjoying this pregnancy (especially that it is my last) and this time of my life as it only comes once in a lifetime!  I want to enjoy every minute of my kiddos' youth.  At this time in their little lives, they simply just need their Mommy.

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the transition of fall (my favorite time of the year!!!)  I am looking forward to the holidays and of course, welcoming our beautiful little girl in February =) ....

Mrs. Chilly

P.S. - Next blog should be around the holidays!  Will share the little princess' 3d ultrasound pics!

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