Friday, May 18, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

Happy friday folks!  Today's post (and outfit) is what I like to call my "Sweet Sixteen" outfit.  For some reason this skirt reminds me of Molly Ringwald's famous movie "Sixteen Candles" because of its pink, flirty and girly style.  This outfit was inspired by a Loft sales associate who wore a similar skirt with a simple black top:

 Top: Forever 21
 Cami: Forever 21
 Tropical Skirt: LOFT
 Shoes: Baker's
 Earrings: NY&Co.
Remember to get your exercise in first thing Saturday morning and I promise you will feel much better and more energized.  Like I mentioned in my facebook fanpage, why not try something new and download your gym's group exercise fitness schedule?  This is how I started my own fitness journey!  Here is my blogpost on that.

Hubby and I make it a routine we go to the gym first thing and get our workouts in.  It fuels us parents for the weekend and not feel so bad when we enjoy our "treat" meals Saturday evening; plus it's our reward for eating clean all week (or 80% of the time).  I think hubby mentioned taking me to Nobu Dallas tomorrow evening for date night.  So excited as this is, according to him, my birthday dinner and evening - woohoo!  I am also finally switching over to the iPhone so any apps you recommend, please send them my way!  One app I am interested in is the Gymboss which is a self-timer that will totally help me in my HIIT (high-intensity interval training) circuits. 

So ... family time, exercise, relaxation, shopping and date night with hubby are planned for this weekend!  I have sprints, plyo circuit training and chest/back workout planned for tomorrow morning - gotta get it done.  I also plan to eat my clean foods up until meal 4 (around 3:30pm) and then enjoy my "treat" meal at Nobu for dinner =) ...

Have a fabulous weekend ya'll!  ...

Mrs. Chilly

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