Thursday, May 31, 2012

Healthy Choices for the Office

Almost friday guys!  My day started off of course with Meal 1 breakfast (never skip this meal!):

3 eggwhites with 1 yolk (seasoned with a dash of tony's and parsley)
fresh sliced cucumbers and halved grape tomatoes
1/4 cup oatmeal with 1 tsp of ground flaxseed, dash of ground cinnamon and 1 stevia; topped with a sliced large strawberry

It was delicious and fueled me for the morning (until meal 2 that is ;) ...

Here is what I packed for the office:

Meal 2 (bottom left tupperware): 1 tbsp greek yogurt with capers, smoked salmon on top of toasted ezekiel bread (recipe courtesy of the Hot Mom Bod - thanks Leslie!)

Meal 3 (bottom right large tupperware): 1/2 cup ground bison with baby bokchoy, steamed squash, 1/4 cup brown rice and (on top left - tiniest tupperware) 1 tbsp of fresh mango salsa I like to put on top of my brown rice (from Whole Foods)

Meal 4 (top right medium tupperware): celery sticks and 2 hard-boiled eggs sans yolk with 1.5 tbsp of hummus

Meal 5 (dinner with my two boys at home): tuna with sliced carrots, green onions and sliced celery on a bed of spring mix salad, dash of sea salt and pepper, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp of vinagrette, small handful of fresh cranberries

Working from home tomorrow so definitely no excuse to eat bad!  Step class too in the morning with a girlfriend =) ...

Happy friday!
Mrs. Chilly

P.S. - Make sure you reward yourself with a "treat" meal or two this weekend, especially if you stuck to your clean-eating all week!  Yay!  Enjoy, but don't overdo it and start off your weekend with exercise.  You will feel so much better all weekend ;) ....

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