Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Little Change is Good

The other day I finally blogged about how I "try" to fit all that I can fit in my hectic schedule.  Today I decided to try something new (a little re-arranging I'd say).  Instead of my normal weightlifting session during my lunchbreak, I decided to come in to work in my workout gear and lift first thing.  I did my cardio (35 min elliptical) at home from 620am - 655am, showered, cooked and ate meal 1 and read a couple of books to my 3 year old before he left for school with hubby.  It was when having my morning coffee that I decided to try this new schedule (to lift first) and see how it fit into my day.  Aside from being sore the rest of the day, I felt great and may try to do this routine for a month or two.  I have always loved getting my workout done in the mornings as it fuels me for the rest of the day.  As soon as I reached my seat, it was time for meal 2 and I was set to get productive for the rest of the day.  

For additional exercise (and family time) my hubby, son and I also started walking around the neighborhood after dinner.  Here's my little munchkin "pick'n a winner" (LOL!) in his favorite soon-to-outgrow red buggy =) ....

Hey, where there's a will, there's a way! (and I want to get ready for my summer swimsuit!) ...

Here's yours truly going into work today:

Pants: Champion
Tank: Under-Armour
Sportsbra: Lululemon
Shoes: Loft (I love flip-flops in the summer, but don't worry I did change into my Nike's before lifting!)

Third day into my clean-eating routine this week and I feel awesome!!!  During tax season, I still managed to eat clean, I just didn't eat frequently and skipped a few meals :-/ ... probably hurt my metabolism and lost lean muscle.  But I am back on track now!! ... Someone told me today that they overheard someone was dieting and ate popcorn for lunch??? ... Remember, eating frequent small meals throughout the day with a balance of lean protein, complex carb and healthy fat is the best way to go.  And I don't think popcorn has any of that, but just sodium and empty calories and in some kinds transfat.  I wish I could help this person out, but I don't normally offer what I know unless asked.

Summer is already here so  make sure to continue with your own fitness and nutrition goals!  In just a few weeks, half of 2012 will be over, can you believe it? ....

Cheers to fitness!
Mrs. Chilly

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