Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My New Favorite: Maxi Dresses

This spring called for "color-blocking," mixing stripes with bold solid colors; mixing one pattern with another which I call "pattern-blocking" and of course the popularity of maxi dresses.  I don't know about you, but being 5 foot 1, I normally stay away from long dresses because that would add an additional "to-do" on my list to visit my tailor for hemming services :-/ ...

I was a bit shocked (and happy) when I tried on this LOFT maxi dress and realized the length was just perfect.  Yes, perfect.  At first I tried on the small in petite and saw that it was actually too short.  I didn't give up just quite yet so I moved on to the regular section (for the taller girls) and grabbed an extra-small.  Voila, with the right wedge shoes, I was able to wear this maxi dress comfortably without having to worry about tripping. 

With the cardigan, it can be worn in the office where it could get rather chilly. Maxi dresses are casual elegant, chic and downright comfortable (which is a must for us Mommies!):

Maxi Dress: LOFT
Wedges: BCBG Maxazria
Cardigan: LOFT
Earrings: NY&Company
Makeup: Bobbi Brown and MAC Cosmetics

Okay, by special request, here is a picture of the shoes I wore that made the dress the perfect length without any hemming needed.  Of course, I cannot opt to wear flats with this dress unfortunately then it will be too long.  But these BCBG shoes are so comfortable that I don't mind not wearing flats =) ....

I have seen "maxi-dress disasters" where the person wearing it was either tripping on the dress or had to hold it while walking.  What's the fun in that?  And for this reason, I've avoided the maxi dress.  Thank you LOFT for making such beautiful and comfortable maxi dresses.  I have now ordered my second one from you and can't wait to wear it! .. the hibiscus print maxi dress (pictured below):

Go ahead and try one on and let me know how you like the maxi dress.  And if it doesn't, no worries it won't hurt my feelings one bit =) ....

Happy shopping!
Mrs. Chilly


Emily Moreno said...

Can't wait till I can wear cute dresses like these! How in the world are you not too short though for these??? I am 5'3 and very rarely find a long dress doesn't drag the floor. Also... show a pic of shoes you pair with these casual long dresses. I can't ever figure out what looks good that is something other than flat sandals.

Mrs. Chilly said...

Hahaha! Emily, I wondered the SAME thing in the fitting room. I will add a pic of the shoes I wore here in a sec and re-post the entire blogpost just for you my sweet and amazing friend! =) ..

Stay focused and remember, POSITIVE energy and you will be wearing these dresses soon.

Your BIGGEST supporter,
Mrs. Chilly

Emily Moreno said...

CUTEEEE!!! I love those shoes! I am one of those that fully believes the accessories are what "makes" the outfit! :) I'm totally going to remember that Loft has those dresses as my weight drops more and fit in them!!!