Sunday, May 20, 2012

Date Night

Hey ya'll!  I am in an extremely happy mood today and pretty much all weekend.  Hmm, maybe because I did a spin class Friday and did sprints, plyo circuit and a chest/back workout Saturday morning?  I tell you that exercise releases endorphins and definitely can put you in a fabulous mood.  I am a mother to a very active and talkative little 3-year old and I need all the energy I can get for our family weekends.  I also kept my diet clean up until Saturday evening when hubby and I had a date night (thanks to my wonderful parents and brother for watching our baby).

That night hubby and I had a list of to do's:  buy new phones (we both have had our blackberries for years mainly because of our work emails and it was about time to crossover), buy hubby new dress slacks (Macy's had great selections and he decided on 3 Nautica pairs - hubby has style too ;) and then off we went to Nobu Dallas for my birthday dinner (my birthday was in April but with the close of tax season, hubby's business trip and our son's birthday party, we both decided that May would be a better month to celebrate). 

Here is the outfit I decided on.  This is my second maxi dress for the season.  Most of my family and friends know that I LOVE the color yellow against my skin:

Shoes:  BCBG Maxazria
Belt: (not pictured) because I bought it right before dinner at LOFT. Will feature next time on another outfit!
Necklace: LOFT
Earrings: New York & Co.

The maxi dress is NOT petite because like I said before I find them too short.  This is in regular sizing and a size 2 or XS so the length is perfect with this pair of wedge shoes.  I must say the whole night I felt very comfortable!  Classy, chic and comfy - my 3 C's! ...

After all the shopping, it was now time to enjoy a fabulous dinner at Nobu located in the beautiful Crescent Court hotel in downtown Dallas:

Thank you honey for a beautiful and fun evening. 

Now back to my clean-eating!  Short work week this week so you'll most likely see me at my local gym doing spin and weights (text/email me if you wanna join me =).  Have a fabulous week! ...

Mrs. Chilly

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