Saturday, April 7, 2012

Local Business Spotlight: Brendal's Cakes

Alright, this blogpost is totally not about fitness and fashion, but since I strongly support local businesses I have to mention Brendal's Cakes in Rowlett, Texas.  Another year has flown by and my son just turned 3 years old actually today.  Tonight I took time off from working to prepare for his upcoming birthday party and found myself emailing Brendal's again to make his cake.

I have used Brendal's for a few years now and would like to showcase the cakes they have made for me and made the occasion that much sweeter (no pun intended):

In order from top to bottom: Alexander' babyshower cake (theme: pea in a pod); my brother Paolo's college graduation cake (theme: accounting major); my 30th birthday cake (theme: Lady Gaga); Alexander's 2nd birthday cake (theme: sailboats) and Alexander's baptism cake.  Stay tuned to see Alexander's 3rd birthday cake debuting in two weeks (theme: Cars 2 - his request =) - I am also in charge of my friend Emily's college graduation cake in May (theme: elementary education undergraduate major).  I've always told my hubby, Jason, that if I was not an accountant, I wanted to be a chef or baker.  I guess this is somewhat my outlet when planning parties lol! =) ....

Mrs. Chilly

P.S. - definitely extra cardio after one of these cakes, but Brendal's are so good it's worth it once a year =) ....

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