Friday, April 27, 2012

Inspiration All Around Us

The other day I guess you could say I was spring cleaning again, the same motivation I had to color coordinate my closet as well as give away clothing and shoes; this time though, I found myself going through make-up palettes.  I was soaking my make-up brushes (which I try to do once every quarter) and found myself surrounded with palettes of different colors of eyeshadows.  One in particular was this palette with black, white and silver .. all with hint of shimmer.  So this Friday morning, I realized that the March of Dimes fundraiser was over and we could no longer wear blue jeans.  I was a bit bummed b/c I was really looking forward to being casual.  Then I remembered that eyeshadow makeup palette I was playing with the other day and was inspired to put on my black linen pants with a silver top, accesorized with a white scarf.  Even though it's not blue jeans, my linen pants were definitely VERY comfortable!  I recommend for all women .. whether it is for the office, for running errands with the kids or for just lounging at home, these pants are versatile.  And as a Mom, being chic yet comfortable is a MUST! ...

                Pants: New York & Company
            Silver Sweater:  Loft 
            Shoes: Marc Fisher by Macy's
          Earrings: Charming Charlie's
   Scarf: Charming Charlie

Check out some cute stuff of my son too below.  I know when he gets older he will be like, "Mommmm, really?!?  You put me in that outfit?!" ... Lol!  While I love shopping for myself, shopping for my little boy is always much, much funner =) ...

Button Down Shirt:  Old Navy
Shorts:  H&M
Shoes: Footlocker
Socks: Gymboree

I had white shoes for him to wear, but he picked out these black ones that morning.  Fine with me! =) ... he did love his shirt and told me "good pick Mommy!"  Melts my heart! ....

Little man's outfit below:
Polo:  Ralph Lauren (thank you Uncle Navin and Uncle Andrew!)
Pants:  H&M
Suspenders:  H&M

Surprisingly, my son likes to wear his suspenders!  We'll see how long this will last, but for now I will treasure the moment and just enjoy it =) - I am totally loving the bright colors in the children's line of clothing this spring, check out H&M for these colorful pants ....

Have a fabulous weekend!  Loft is having another 40% off each purchase until Sunday!  Check out these cutie summer pajamas too at Old Navy.  It totally feels like summer outside already! ....

Remember that color and pattern inspiration are around us.  For me this week, the inspiration (and help) came from my eyeshadow palettes.  If you think about it, those palettes are normally all together b/c the color all blend together ... and you can put the same combinations in your outfits.  Next up which I'm seeing nowadays are print pants!  Let's see if I am brave enough to bring these back! =) ....

Mrs.  Chilly

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