Friday, March 30, 2012

How Alexander Wears: Blue Pants

I am not the only one who is colorful around the chilly household this spring.  Alexander, who turns 3 years old in a week picked these pants out himself (and a pair of green ones too!).  We are also fans of Paul Frank at Target and Mommy couldn't resist this playful faux suspender shirt.  "Wazzup!?!" says Alexander! =) ....

Shirt: Target by Paul Frank
Pants: H&M Northpark
Shoes: H&M Northpark
Cutie Patootie: by Mr. and Mrs. Chilly =)
Posing: 100% Mama

 It is never a dull moment with my son.  I really
enjoy shopping for him more than I like shopping for myself.  I truly love having this little man in my life; some days I can hardly believe he is even mine.  Like Maya Angelou said, "If I have a monument in this world, it would be my son."

Happy weekend!
Mrs. Chilly

P.S. - Alexander is one of the reasons I decided to finally get in shape.  I want to make sure I am healthy, fit and have tons of energy to teach and guide him through life.  One thing I will definitely involve him in (and wished I was as a child) is sports and keeping active.  My son eats eggwhites and oatmeal with me every morning as well as grilled chicken breasts, tilapia, steamed sweet potatoes and brocolli during the week.  Good health is a gift I will always teach him.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

How I Wear: The Basic Navy Blue Cardigan

So my first fashion blog mentioned that accountants are typically boring and wear black, gray, white and navy blue (repeat the following week).  Well, I guess you could say I too can also be boring because in this picture, I am wearing gray slacks and a navy blue cardigan; colors that fit the description of a boring accountant.  In the past, I would normally just leave the house without accessorizing (not sure if this is even a word); heck, I am still working on accessories.  I truly think that accessorizing is an art that some can naturally master and which I hope I can master someday as well.  This morning however, I decided to pair my "boring" navy, blue cardigan with a springy and colorful scarf (which I now see all the time in our office and couldn't resist joining in on the new trend).  The spring scarves I see at stores everywhere are light weight and soft; perfect for spring.  It can get a bit chilly in my office so having the scarf helps.  I also paired the outfit with fuschia pumps which were a steal from Amazon ($18/pair)! ....

Pants:  Express
Cardigan:  Loft
Cami:  Loft
Scarf:  Target
Pumps: Amazon

I did 40 minutes of elliptical this morning and felt great afterwards!  Glad to know I still fit in my size 4 gray slacks.  It also helps that I try to eat clean during busy season where there are yummy free dinners offered in the office daily.  I am not hardcore strict, but I typically try to save my one to two cheat meals on the weekends when I go out with hubby and/or son.  Here is a pic of my dinner tonight:  tilapia, 4 oz. sweet potato and sauteed garlic spinach:

How my pants fit is normally how I could tell if I was "falling off the wagon" with my fitness goals.  Today was another hectic day and had to skip my shoulder workout, but will fit it in tomorrow on my lunchbreak.  Where there's a will, there's a way!  I hope you all are closing in on your own fitness goals as the first quarter of 2012 is almost over.  Stay tuned as I will be posting new recipes for ground bison, scallops and shrimp (all lean proteins) and of course, more fashion =) ...

Mrs. Chilly

Monday, March 26, 2012

How I Wear Loft: It's all about Color! ...

Welcome spring!! (and the allergies!!) - Lol! =) ... I don't know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with spring.  I totally love the warmer weather, but definitely not loving the constant sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose :-/ ....  There is one thing I do love about spring, especially spring 2012:  color everywhere!  ....

Today's spring trends are splashes of color, color block blouses, stepping outside of the earth tones and transforming into what I like to call a walking watercolor painting ....  Most of you know I am an accountant by day, and accountants are usually known to be boring, wearing mainly black, navy blue, gray or white (repeat the following week).  Well not this Mama!  You can spot me at the parking lot!  Hey, I celebrate spring like I celebrate life:  with lots of color! ... 

So to bring fitness and fashion together, I've decided to incorporate a bit of fashion in my fitness blog.  Stay awhile, become a follower and be on the look-out for some very fashion-forward guest bloggers coming up =) .... and when I mean fashion, this is trendy, business or casual style on a budget!  So what are you waiting for?  Put a little color in your wardrobe and life =) ....

 Top:  Loft (3/4 sleeve scoop sweater)
 Skirt: Loft
 Scarf: Old Navy
 Shoes: Macy's (Marc Fisher peep-toe pumps)
 Nails: coral (gel manicure)

Mrs. Chilly

P.S. - don't forget to continue the cardio and weights!  It is much easier (and funner) to shop when you are fit and happy.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

West Texas Classic Lubbock - Watch Out!!!

How's everyone doin'?  Need some motivation?!?  Well, here are two amazing women who may do just that.  I write this blog, at the same time getting over strep throat and fever all week. I find blogging as therapeutic sometimes, which is needed during a busy season for me.  Well, this weekend is a big weekend for these two women: one, the West Texas Classic will be her third figure show and the other her very FIRST fitness competition.  Raise it up for Mrs. Tracy Payne (whom you all are familiar with from my facebook and blog) and Ms. Kristin Crabb! ....

Tracy I met back at LA Fitness as a group exercise instructor (bootcamp).  She also trained me for my very first fitness competition back in August of 2011: Dallas Europa.  Ever since then, we have become good friends and to this day, we share the same passion about living a healthy lifestyle and helping others achieve their weightloss goals ... although, Tracy definitely has the certifications and more experience in this field than I do (I'm an accountant lol), but overall, we share the same goal and that is to help others feel good about themselves not through crash dieting, but changing a lifestyle through clean eating. I continue to learn from Tracy about fitness and exercise and to this day refer back to the exercises she has given me for each muscle group.  Tracy is a personal trainer, entrepreneur, group exercise instructor, full-time mom, wifey and friend.  She is the owner and operator of Xtreme Fitness and her competition prep is sponsored/supported by City Blends Rowlett Healthy Cafe.  Like I've mentioned before in my other blog, there is no way you can miss Tracy at either 24Hr or LA Fitness.  She is always smiling (even a few weeks out from stage time which can be tiring), wears the coolest and most fashionable workout attire (with matching eyeshadow/glitter) and has the neverending energy like the energizer bunny.  She is your true fitness diva!  That's why we're friends, that's why when we run into each other at LA Fitness, we can't stop talk'n about exercise, foods, competition, you name it.  I just wish I had met her earlier when I was struggling w/ my own weight and journey.  Mrs. Tracy, good luck this weekend and know you are already a WINNER in our eyes and all the men and womens' lives you have touched and will touch.  Go Team Payne! ...

Okay if that didn't motivate you (doubt it), then Kristin will.  Kristin's story is sorta like mine add the height advantage (ahhh, 5'1 meee and lucky 5'9 Kristin) ...Not that height matters,  Kristin topped at her highest at 205lbs (see left picture) .. She was overweight, felt sluggish, didn't feel good about herself and knew she had to get to a better shape to live a healthy life.  Something had to change and it had to start with habits.

I met Kristin through my nutritionist coach, Adam G. (pictured w/ Kristin on the right) from MaxMuscle of Rockwall.  Kristin and I started talking back during my competition when we realized our journeys were so similar.  How we put our trust into MaxMuscle and Adam to help us get to a healthy and maintainable weight without the diet pills and/or crash dieting.  MaxMuscle and Adam also helped us both get ready for our first fitness competition.  Just like Tracy, Kristin and I connected because of our passion for fitness and clean eating.

This weekend will be Kristin's first competition in the West Texas Classic.  She has been training and dieting (and when I say dieting that is 6 small meals a day folks ... mix of lean protein, complex carbs and healthy fats - no skipping meals here).  Unless you've competed, it's nothing like you've ever imagined.  It takes commitment, hardwork, dedication and strong will to not cheat during those 12 weeks.  Kristin also works full-time and makes it a priority that she hits the gym to achieve her goals.  From my experience and I'm sure Tracy's and Kristin's, it's not all fun and games .. it literally is blood, sweat and tears (and a few bruises).  But at the end, when you step onto that stage, you know you are where many people cannot say they have been.  Well, Kristin is about to do just that this weekend and I couldn't be more proud of her.  She set her mind to do it, set a date, registered and stuck to it!  Good luck Ms. Kristin and you too know that you are already are a WINNER in our eyes.  You will rock that stage! ....

Kristin is supported by MaxMuscle of Rockwall.  If you are not looking into competing, but just want to change your habits/self, MaxMuscle offers a service to customize a meal plan that is right for you, typically 12 weeks long, as well as support and coaching with a certified nutritionist coach.  I tried it, recommend it and I am proof it works (see below on the right) ... this is Adam who customized my meal plans for my competition.  Glad to know he'll be there when I'll need him! ...

Best of luck ladies!!!  You are a neverending inspiration to me and the family and friends that surrounds you.  As I age into my 30s, I want to continue to get better for sure.  I am also sure you have touched one of the many ladies out there reading this and wondering ... "I can do that. Where do I sign up?" =) ....

The West Texas Classic is set to take place this Saturday, March 10, 2012 in Lubbock, Texas.

As always, any questions you can leave me a comment here or "like" my My Fitness Journey fanpage and we can communicate there.  If you also want more information on MaxMuscle or City Blends, please click on the link provided above ...

Mrs. Chilly

Friday, March 2, 2012

Clean Eating and Beauty

I told all my followers that I will incorporate fashion into my fitness blog, but now I have to also add beauty products!  Why?  Well did you know that a clean diet affects your beauty when it comes to healthy skin, nails and hair? ...

I have been a ProActiv user for almost a year now, and I must say it has done wonders (okay, maybe miracles) to my face.  I don't know about you, but ever since my teenage years, not only did I battle with weight issues, but I've had to also battle with acne (ughh).  I am sure some of you can relate.  Only when I decided to start to clean up my act by cleaning up my diet (at age 24) did I also see a difference in my skin.  So in conclusion, fitness plays a HUGE role in beauty!  One of my favorite products is ProActiv. If you haven't tried ProActiv, I say why not give it a try.  In the beginning, my skin was much drier than it normally was, but I purchased the ProActive green tea moisturizer and it took care of that problem fast.  I also recommend using white towels as the product tend to stain colored towels or clothing.  It may sting or burn in the beginning but it doesn't stay that way forever.  That is ProActiv working its magic.  To this day, I've been using the product and it hardly stings at all; to me it just feels like a normal facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer and part of my daily routine.  Be patient at first and also accept that it may not be for everybody.  I just wanted to share with you my experience.  (The pic below I have no foundation - now I am happy to say that I can leave the house with no foundation needed.  That was a no-no back in the days :-/ ....) and as a Mom, I quickly learned to put on my make-up in less than 5 minutes with a toddler keeping you busy 24-7!  I do wear foundation during the week, however on the weekends I do not to let my skin breathe.  Being make-up free is my favorite actually, but I also love getting dolled up for special date nights w/ the hubby =) ... I love Bobbi Brown and MAC cosmetics and I am addicted to Carmex! ...

Another product I literally tried this morning after my cardio is WEN Haircare Products by Chaz Dean.  There was a promo to try the entire product (you know that 100% money-back-guarantee-if-you're-not-satisfied-we'll-refund-but-keep-the-free-gifts!) gimmick.  Dang, those paid advertisements get me all the time lol!  Well, again I said hmmm, why not?  Well, another good product that worked for me (so far after one attempt).  My hair had less knots after showering this morning and you all know how long my hair is.  It felt so silky and soft today and even hubby saw a big difference.  I was hesitant at first because I don't like products that weigh my hair down or make it lose its volume.  I do live in Texas where we love BIG hair!!!  Hahaha!  WEN did the opposite of just that and my hair was bigger than usual!  So ladies, another must try! ....

Cheers to beauty!
Mrs. Chilly

Remember a clean diet plays a significant role in clear and healthy skin, hair and nails.  Right now the only supplements I am taking are my prenatal vitamins and my clean, clean diet =) .... oh and of course, good ol' cardio and weight training! ...