Monday, January 30, 2012

Grocery Shopping

What do you think of Whole Foods?  Today, Alexander and I went to WF to stock up on ground turkey, ground bison, agave nectar, organic whole wheat pancake mix (with no eggs), fresh cut veggies, veggie wash and organic ginger/garlic (in jars).  As soon as I walk in that store, the neatness and fresh smell excites me to shop!  But .. we all know that you can quickly drop major bucks at WF.  To set it straight, I do not buy majority of my groceries there simply because I can still make clean foods for myself and my family without breaking the bank.  There are a few items I need to purchase at WF; the whole wheat pancake mix has no eggs in the ingredients, therefore, I buy this for my husband who is unfortunately allergic to eggs; agave nectar for husband and I's greek yogurt and homecooked oatmeal; ground bison and turkey simply because I cannot find this at the local Walmart here; and fresh organic ginger/garlic (if you've ever tried peeling and cutting ginger, you known it's a pain the @$$) so I do not mind paying a little extra to save me on time and a few cuts :-/ ...  I am actually going to try to see if my local Tom Thumb carries the ground bison/buffalo to save me a drive.  It's an acquired taste this meat, but it's very lean. I try to incorporate in my diet at least once a month .. depending on when/where I can get it and if I have time. I'll keep you posted! ...

The past month, a couple of questions arose.  How do you cook your bokchoy?  What is in your typical grocery list?

1.)  How do I cook bokchoy? - Simple and probably the best way to keep the nutrients in tact.  I steam the bokchoy for about 20 minutes making sure it does not get overly done, then sautee for a few minutes in fresh ginger/garlic.  Then I tupperware for the rest of the work week.  Goes great with brown rice or boiled quinoa.  If you decide to try, make sure you memorize the code 4545.  It is the weight code at the grocery store (trust me, it will save you time at the checkout counter and your cashier will thank you ... lol) .. something I learned over the years.

2.)  What is in your typical grocery list? - Ok, every Sunday morning, I sit down and plan mine and my family's meals for the week.  The staples every week are brocolli, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, 1% milk, whole wheat bread, chicken breasts, pork chops, tilapia, berries of all sorts, greek yogurt, crisco cooking spray, stevia, zuchini/squash, grape tomatoes, spring mix, green onions, apples, bananas.  These items (I'm sure I've left off a few things) are our must haves for the week.  Every Monday is grill night where the night before (Sunday), I marinate 6 chicken breasts with sea salt and paprika and marinate 2 porkchops with bbq sauce (for hubby and Alexander).  Monday has to be grill night because we need the grilled chicken breasts for the work week.  Hubby prefers grilled chicken in his sandwiches vs deli meats because it is much healthier and less sodium intake.  He calls it his homemade "chick-fil-a" spicy chicken sandwich :-) ...  he adds a few slices of jalapenos in there to give it a kick!  It tastes so good! ...  Thus, Monday night is also porkchop night for the boys where I sautee zuchini and squash to go with the porkchops.  I normally would eat one of the chicken breasts hubby grills w/ a salad or with just the zuchini I sautee.

The steamed brocolli and sweet potatoes hubby brings to work and eats at 3pm-ish.  Alexander also loves brocolli and sweet potatoes and pair both with grilled chicken.  He picked this up from me when I was training for my fitness competition and I love it when he asks me for brocolli.  Music to Mama's ears! :-) ...

For the work week, I pack 1/2 cup of brown rice, 1 cup of veggies and 4-6 oz of lean meat (tilapia, chx breast, ground turkey, shrimp, ground bison, etc.).  I eat it as meal 3 which is normally at 1pm.  I lift at 11am which I then drink a protein shake right after so that keeps me pretty full until 1-1:30pm.

Back to the grocery list, it truly does help to have your meals planned for the week.  After you list down each meal, then start listing the ingredients you will need.  I'm not perfect by no means and I definitely forget things so I just go back to the store after work.  Also a tip, if you have items you know you buy each week, check the grocery ads that come in the mail (Tuesday nights for me) and circle items you buy and bring with you the ad to the store.  I know Walmart matches competitor prices and I'm pretty sure others do as well.  I keep a look out definitely for savings in brocolli and sweet potatoes because I buy about 3-4lbs a week.  A few of hubby and Alexander's meals for the week:  tacos with 96/4 ground beef; chicken fajitas; potroast; tuna melts; fishsticks (not clean, but I don't deprive Alexander) ... I think as long as I've introduced him to clean eating, but allow him choices then I'm content on how he eats.  He also has cheat meals on the weekends and love, love, love his homemade belgian waffle made by his Daddy on Sunday mornings :-) ...  He also has on occasion a McDonalds chicken nugget happy meal.  For the week though, we strive for mainly clean foods.

Have you tried quinoa?  Today, I cooked a batch for the work week to change it up from brown rice.  Quinoa is a cross between brown rice and oatmeal. 
  It's fluffy, creamy, crunchy and somewhat nutty, all rolled into one.  It's a complete source of protein, great for cardiovascular health, provides antioxidant support and reduces risk of gallstones (source: ... If you read Oxygen Magazine, you often see quinoa as a staple with all the athletes.  Sometimes I get bored with just brown rice and will change it up with quinoa.  I simply just boil mine and add to my ground bison (see picture).  If you want to know more, just google and there are recipes in Oxygen as well.

Ground turkey and ground bison:  1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 1 tsp of ginger and garlic (I buy mine in jars already from WF), chopped yellow or red onions, add lean meat, season with dash of sea salt, black pepper and parsley.  For my ground bison, I like to use chopped red onions and chopped red/orange bell peppers.  I also like to add crushed red pepper to both because I love spicey!

I hope this helps!  My ground turkey is dedicated to my friend Cyndi Sarmiento-Rios :-) ... Let me know if you try any of these.  Be adventurous and try the many different kinds of vegetables at your market.  Just a week ago, my cashier said, "Ma'am, you buy a lot of veggies!"  Darn right I do! :-) ...

Happy shopping -
Mrs. Chilly

P.S. - I do not buy organic; I believe you can still eat clean without having to.  However, if you can afford it and chooses to (for health reasons, etc.), then I support you and say go for it :-) ...  Make sure you still get at least 30 minutes of cardio a day!! ...


Lauren said...

I just stumbled upon your blog while looking at one of Mama Laughlin's posts.

I've been wanting to try quinoa lately, because I've heard how nutritious it is, but I guess I'm just kind of hesitant to try new foods. Can you find it at Walmart? That's typically where I do my grocery shopping.

Feel free to stop by my blog if you want. The URL is :)

Mrs. Chilly said...

Hi Lauren! Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, you can find quinoa at Walmart. I buy quinoa in bulk and buy it at Costco normally, but am pretty sure you can find it at Walmart. I also buy majority of our foods at Walmart. And like I've mentioned in my blog, you don't have to break the bank to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle. Do you follow my FB My Fitness Journey Fanpage too? I also put tips on there about clean foods. I'm glad you found me :)) .. let me know when you have tried it. I recommend trying it with lean ground turkey.