Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank goodness for Oatmeal

So I gave blood the other day at work for BOGO Mavs voucher tickets.  I am terrified of needles, but still went ahead and overcame my fear.  I am after all Mavs Fan for Life (MFFL)! ...

After 5 days the results came in for my cholesterol, blood type, etc.  I'm happy to say my cholesterol is at a healthy level (thanks to my Tita Lorna for verifying) at 168!  And immediately I thought, "thank goodness for my oatmeal."  Not that I am saying oatmeal is the main reason my cholesterol is down, but ONE of the reasons I am sure.  Just like what I have been preaching for almost 2 yrs now (this blog is 2 yrs old ;), a clean diet (80% of the time) and exercise (20%) will maintain a healthy weight  not to mention cholesterol level.  Of course there are the few who diet and exercise, however can't get the cholesterol at a healthy level.  For that, I would seek medical opinion.   I am fortunate to have several doctors, nurses and medical technologists in my large family that I often consult with.

Next up I may ask my mom to test my HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) levels just to see where they are at as well.

So in conclusion, this blog is dedicated to my oatmeal.  I eat 5 egg whites (1 yolk every 2-3 days) and 1/2 cup of oatmeal 6 days a week for breakfast.  That 7th morning (Sunday) I enjoy a homemade belgian waffle that my hubby makes for me and Alexander and 2 sausages.  I still enjoy life and don't deprive myself of the other stuff.  I find that if I do "reward" myself, I am more inclined to stick to my clean lifestyle for most of my week.  But as you can see, my breakfast staple is still eggwhites and oatmeal.  I just can't live without oatmeal.

Try my oatmeal recipe below and let's get that cholesterol at a healthy level!  And don't forget the flaxseeds!


Mrs. Chilly


1.) Scoop 1/2 cup dry oatmeal into saucepan.
2.) Pour 1 cup of cold water in saucepan (has to be cold).
3.) Turn stove to high and wait to boil.
4.) Sprinkle cinnamon while boiling and mix with spoon. You can add 1 packet of stevia (optional). 
5.) Turn stove off after mixing cinnamon and cover with lid for 3 minutes.
6.) Pour cooked oatmeal in bowl and put agave nectar (1-2 tbsp) and 1 tbsp ground flaxseed.
7.) Add sliced fruit of your choice (I prefer berries: black, rasp and straw :) ....

8.) Stir and enjoy!

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