Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank goodness for Oatmeal

So I gave blood the other day at work for BOGO Mavs voucher tickets.  I am terrified of needles, but still went ahead and overcame my fear.  I am after all Mavs Fan for Life (MFFL)! ...

After 5 days the results came in for my cholesterol, blood type, etc.  I'm happy to say my cholesterol is at a healthy level (thanks to my Tita Lorna for verifying) at 168!  And immediately I thought, "thank goodness for my oatmeal."  Not that I am saying oatmeal is the main reason my cholesterol is down, but ONE of the reasons I am sure.  Just like what I have been preaching for almost 2 yrs now (this blog is 2 yrs old ;), a clean diet (80% of the time) and exercise (20%) will maintain a healthy weight  not to mention cholesterol level.  Of course there are the few who diet and exercise, however can't get the cholesterol at a healthy level.  For that, I would seek medical opinion.   I am fortunate to have several doctors, nurses and medical technologists in my large family that I often consult with.

Next up I may ask my mom to test my HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) levels just to see where they are at as well.

So in conclusion, this blog is dedicated to my oatmeal.  I eat 5 egg whites (1 yolk every 2-3 days) and 1/2 cup of oatmeal 6 days a week for breakfast.  That 7th morning (Sunday) I enjoy a homemade belgian waffle that my hubby makes for me and Alexander and 2 sausages.  I still enjoy life and don't deprive myself of the other stuff.  I find that if I do "reward" myself, I am more inclined to stick to my clean lifestyle for most of my week.  But as you can see, my breakfast staple is still eggwhites and oatmeal.  I just can't live without oatmeal.

Try my oatmeal recipe below and let's get that cholesterol at a healthy level!  And don't forget the flaxseeds!


Mrs. Chilly


1.) Scoop 1/2 cup dry oatmeal into saucepan.
2.) Pour 1 cup of cold water in saucepan (has to be cold).
3.) Turn stove to high and wait to boil.
4.) Sprinkle cinnamon while boiling and mix with spoon. You can add 1 packet of stevia (optional). 
5.) Turn stove off after mixing cinnamon and cover with lid for 3 minutes.
6.) Pour cooked oatmeal in bowl and put agave nectar (1-2 tbsp) and 1 tbsp ground flaxseed.
7.) Add sliced fruit of your choice (I prefer berries: black, rasp and straw :) ....

8.) Stir and enjoy!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fitness Inspiration: Laura Lam Ortiz (LLO as in JLO ;) ....

My next guest blogger is Laura whom I met through fitness sister Jeni Colon. Laura lives in Houston and has been one of my inspirations in fitness and life in general. Her positive attitude and never-ending motivation continues to inspire me each and everyday. She is also your typical, busy, a mom's-job-is-neverending woman who lives the daily grind of balancing entrepreneurship, mommyhood, wifey, household and fitness. Pretty much another SuperWoman! Read her story and get inspired ...
The Journey Back to Me
Many people often ask me how I lost the 70+ pounds that I gained when I was pregnant with my daughter. I had a friend recently comment to me, “I don’t know what’s more impressive:  the fact that you gained 70 pounds when you were pregnant or the fact that you lost 70 pounds!”  When I thought about the answer, I had to laugh out loud to myself because I honestly don’t know which one IS more impressive!  Hahahaha!  Seventy pounds is pretty “impressive”, either way you look at it!
I’m a 39 year old mother to a very active six year old little girl. I am a social media consultant to the fitness peeps, die-hard momma & wifey, writer, and fitness enthusiast with a passion for health, helping others, and all things good, positive, & funny! I gained over 70 pounds when I was pregnant with my daughter because I thought I could eat whatever the heck I wanted (primarily Haagen Dazs ice cream) and the weight would melt right off after I had the baby.  My pre-pregnancy weight was anywhere from 125 pounds to 130 pounds.  I topped out at 205 pounds when I was at my heaviest.  Yikes!  I wish I could say that my weight loss was immediate and an overnight success story, but my journey back to ME was a long and soulful journey. I finally lost all of the weight, but most of it was recently lost in the past three years. It was a rough road back (I used to be a gym rat in my 20's), but it was well worth every day at the gym and every drop of sweat, blood and tears as an older and wiser version of myself!
My turning point was when I realized that I let my life slip away from me after my soul mate grandmother passed away at the tender age of 98 three years ago, followed by other personal and family tragedies and losses.  I was ready to put all the darkness behind me, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I knew it all started with my health and my lifestyle.  For me, I had to hit ROCK BOTTOM before I realized that I needed to change.  My hope is that you don’t get to where I was before you consciously make the choice to become a healthier person for yourself.  I was slapped in the face with tragedy unexpectedly, and my life as I knew it no longer existed.  The old me died over three years ago.  It was one of the most painful experiences of my life, and I never thought I could be standing here today, and sharing with you that I am stronger, wiser, healthier and happier.  It was at that dark turning point that I knew I HAD to change or I would spiral further into this dark hole and lose myself forever. 
I found Cathy Savage Fitness on Facebook, and it actually took me over a year to join because honestly, I was intimidated by all the ripped girls in bikinis on her website!  HAHA!  I was also very skeptical about participating in an online training program.  I didn’t think an online program could fulfill the accountability factor for me.  I thought I needed someone physically in the gym with me everyday to push me.  I finally bit the bullet & joined Cathy Savage Fitness’s Lifestyle program in January 2010, and it was exactly what I needed, especially for the emotional support and the accountability factor.  I am kicking myself for not joining sooner!  In the few short months that I was with Cathy, the remaining last 20+ stubborn pounds have melted off, and I am in the best shape of my life!  After 39 years, I finally see some abs!  It is because her program focuses on health in all aspects of your life:  physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and financial.  I joined CSF thinking I would lose weight with the proper nutritional and exercise program, which I definitely have, but what I was unprepared for was the amazing sisterhood and unconditional love and support!  These women come from all walks of life, they have their own personal stories and challenges, they are from all over the world, but they are all there for me everyday, holding me accountable, motivating me, inspiring me, lifting me up, encouraging me, loving me, supporting me, and cheering me on.  The accountability is so amazing!  These women have totally got your back!  Cathy’s team and staff of coaches are the most incredible women ever! 
Cathy has totally created a magical organization where women and men, with different goals and in different stages of their lives, can all come together and strive to be the best person that they could possibly ever be!
It sounds almost ridiculous that losing weight could give you your life back, but it does!  What I didn’t realize at that time was that the physical aspect of my life was closely connected to the emotional, mental, social, and financial aspect of my life as well.  When you feel good about yourself, you have more confidence in everything that you do.  You don’t sweat the small stuff, and the stars do seem to “magically” align in the universe for you.  You have an extra bounce in your step, you have a sparkle in your eyes, you have a magnetic energy that others can feel and are attracted to, and you have a powerful aura about youYou have the “IT” factor!  If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself!  And then let me know how your life changes when you are a healthier and happier version of yourself!  :)
Stunning or what!?!  Congratulations Laura for all of your accomplishments!  I remember my first Cathy Savage Camp back in Boston February of 2006!  I can't wait to join CSF in 2012 and continue challenging my body, mind and soul.  Ladies, if you are interested in Cathy Savage Fitness, just let me know and I'll be happy to share with you my experiences or direct you to LLO for any questions.  And LLO is completely right; when you practice a clean eating lifestyle and incorporate exercise in your life, "you don’t sweat the small stuff ... you have an extra bounce in your step, you have a sparkle in your eyes, you have a magnetic energy that others can feel and are attracted to and you have a powerful aura about you."  I too realized this after I lost my 80+ pounds through my very own fitness journey.  Thank you, Laura!

Remember, this blog was created for you ... to motivate and to inspire for a healthier you :)) ...
Mrs. Chilly

Monday, December 12, 2011

Home Elliptical

Most of you know I went back to the office full-time, working from home here and there if necessary.  One of the questions I received was how in the heck will you fit your workouts in?  Well, hubby and I have been in the market for a quality home elliptical machine and we finally decided to make this a part of the Chilly household!  So here it is:

the Norditrack A.C.T. Elliptical from Sears ...

I used the elliptical for the very first time this morning and I swear I was sweating bullets by the 5-8 minute mark.  After 30 minutes, I was sweating as much as I sweat doing the stepmill at the gym.  What's more awesome is I had a ton of energy at work today to make my Monday a productive one.  I tell you, it is SOO much easier to just "bed roll," hop into my shorts and sportsbra, hair pulled back/carmex and workout!  After that intense 30 minute session, I take a quick shower and get ready for work in half an hour (all before my Alexander wakes up too!).  Of course, I am starving by then so I happily scarf down my 5 eggwhites and oatmeal like a champion lol.

Hubby used it too today after work and had the same great experience.  Of course this will not take place of our weight training sessions.  I have access to our office gym and at lunch, I still lift a certain muscle group.  What is convenient though is my cardio is said and done early that morning so I can just focus on lifting during my lunchbreak.  We still go to our local gym as a family on Saturday mornings and I work out w/ hubby (our weekly gym date).

Would I recommend one?  Most definitely.  It is an investment, however, the benefits of good health will last you a lifetime.

Any questions, just let me know :)) ...

Happy training,
Mrs. Chilly   

Monday, December 5, 2011

Fitness Inspiration with Stefanie ....

Brrr! I think winter has officially arrived here in Texas!  My next guest blogger is Stefanie who is a marathon runner and can run in this type of weather. Go girl! I met Stefanie back in 2010 at one of our local gym's group exercise classes.  She has been my "coach" in running.  I too did not like/enjoy running and she has been such an inspiration to me to tackle this awesome exercise. Please welcome my good friend, Stefanie ....

April asked me to share my blog about running, so I agreed to do so because my story starts out with me not ever being a runner.  I played tennis growing up and never enjoyed running.  My husband was a runner and ever since we got married, 10 years ago, I wanted to complete a marathon.  For years, I kept putting off starting to learn how to run.  I would run every once in a while, but did not like it one bit. I thought it was too hard, my feet hurt, my side hurts from breathing, etc.....
So this is how it all began.  After my daughter was born, October 30, 
2008, I went to Luke's Locker and got fitted for proper runner shoes.  
It made a world of difference.  Running was not so hard like I thought
it was.  I was actually enjoying it.  At first, I was using it as a tool 
to lose my baby weight I had gained.  I continued running short distance.  
I thought about signing up for marathon training in 2008, but I was 
too scared.  There was so much to learn about how to run a marathon, 
the distance runs, hydration, racing, shoes etc.  I was nervous about 
running a marathon because I have never ran long distance and was not 
a runner prior.  So, I put off my goal.  I then decided, June of 2009, to 
go ahead and sign up for the training with Luke's Locker because if I 
didn't do it, I probably would always chicken out.  I remember them 
asking if I have ever done any races prior and I said,  "No.”  They 
thought maybe I should start with a smaller race, but I said, "No, my 
goal is a marathon and this is what I want to do.”  The training 
started with a 3 mile evaluation run to put you in your pace group.  
For 6 months, we trained and ran anywhere between 3 miles to 22 
miles.  13 miles was our easy days and 13 miles now is still my 
favorite distance to run.  It is not too short, but not too far.  My 
mind for mileage is so different now.  My first race EVER was Tour 
De Fluer 20k during our training and then my first half was DRC 1/2 with 
a finish time of 1:59.  Now I have run several different distance 
races.   I am running White Rock Half and hope to PR with a finish 
time of 1:45 or better.  I have been sick this week, so hope to still 
accomplish that.  If I don't, I know I am still a runner that has 
accomplished quite a bit in 2+ year period.  I have learned so many 
things about marathon training, distance running, speed work on how to 
become faster, hydration, shoes, eating, and the list goes on and on.
One year ago December 4th, 2010 I completed my first marathon in 4:10.  
This will not be my last one either!
So, if you ever think you can't do something, think again because 
anything is possible.  If you put your mind to it and are determined 
to do it, YOU will succeed.  It will take lots of efforts and there 
will be times when you don't feel like doing it, but the end result is 
bigger and exciting.  Just remember the end result!!!!!   There were 
many times in races that my legs hurt and I was tired, but I envision 
the finish line, the crowd, and my family at the end. Those envisions 
helped me push through the pain.   There were even numerous times during 
training that I did not want to wake up and run in the early morning.  
I knew my goal was 26.2 miles, so the end result was bigger than the 
way I felt that day.  I think you can take this and apply it to 
anything in life that you want to accomplish.
Happy Running! :)