Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Excuses! ...

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Well, not quite, but almost.  Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of my new schedule and new job ... talking about the emails, texts and calls I have received to see how I am doing.  I truly have the greatest family and friends. 

I am now on my third week and must say the first week was a transition, especially to Alexander.  Now, we are settled and have a nice family routine going.  I am not able to work-out 6 days a week anymore, but 4-5 depending on what is going on at work that week.  What I have noticed though is if you just maintain your clean eating, a slight decrease in frequency of workouts won't matter as much.  My first week I actually lost 3lbs, thanks to running or power walking to catch my train!  In my desk, you will find my tub of MaxMuscle protein powder (cinnamon roll flavor) and for snacks a bag of almonds I stash in my file cabinet (a handful is plenty).  For lunch, I normally still have my half cup of brown rice, steamed brocolli and tilapia or chopped chicken breast.  There is also a gym in my building with a wonderful view of Dallas downtown and American Airlines Center (dang NBA lock-out please end!) ....

Jason and I still steam our sweet potatoes and brocolli on Sundays and grill 8-9 chicken breasts on Monday evening after 24 hour marinating.  So ..... the excuse of "I don't have time" because we work full-time doesn't cut it.  You make the time and shift things around until you find a schedule/routine that works.  You will occasionally find me at LA at 515am doing cardio too and trust me, I have a GREAT day at work knowing that I started my day off right w/ exercise.  I am thankful to have time to pursue my career w/ a great and reputable firm, along with a group that supports working Moms.  Giving fitness up was just not an option.  My schedule just needed a little tweak.

I do miss seeing good friends (Rebecca, Tracy, Tony, Jim, Stefanie, Alfonso ..) and I hope to see some of you over the thanksgiving holiday.  Keep up the good work and continue to motivate each other (and me)!

And now a totally off subject that I get asked quite a bit.  Guys, sorry haha.  Stop reading lol.

How do you get your hair to poof at the crown?!?  I have partial highlights that help create the poof and a pink comb that has been w/ me for years.  Jason always says, "here we go again" .... when I run around the house frantic asking, "Have you seen my comb?!?" ... It's quite comical actually and he replies, "Well, hun, you're gonna have to finally replace that one."  But then I end up finding it :)) ...  Anyway, it's all about the teasing and having the highlights does help.  I have it down now to 5 minutes and I have a hairdo.  If you want a video, just let me know!  LoL!  I hope this answered the question! ...

Mrs. Chilly

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