Wednesday, October 26, 2011

FAQs ...

Happy fall everyone!  And go, go Texas Rangers :)) ... hey, I had to do a shout-out to my Texas team(s) .. growing up w/ two brothers and Daddio, I did not have control over the tv remote so I am very familiar with the NBA, NFL, MLB you name it! ... hmm, now if the Cowboys would just get it together ... I think that is another blog! ...

Ok back to business, this blog is titled FAQs ... a compiled list of questions that have been sent to me either in person, via email, via facebook, via phone call or via text messaging.  Short update on me, myself and I ... most of you know I will be returning to the office full-time starting next week.  And the first question that I was asked is what will happen to your workouts/diet?!?  Good question and quite normal.  Let's get started:

1.)  How can you fit eating clean and your workouts with a full-time career, mom and wifey? - There is a saying, "If it is important to you, you will find a way.  If it is not, you will find an excuse."  Hubby and I have decided to purchase an elliptical machine for our home where we can both use either before/after work.  We will still be members at LA so you will still see the Chillies :)) ...  My plan is 30 min before work and 30 min after I put Alexander to bed.  I will strive for 3 times during the weekdays and a cardio session (most likely my plyometrics) on Saturday mornings.  There is also a gym in my office building, which is fairly brand new.  I will keep my lifting schedule as is and will strive for 3 times during the weekdays and one on Saturday mornings.  I normally am able to start/finish my lifting session in under 45 minutes.  I also have my trusty 6-Pack Fitness cooler (available at MaxMuscle Rockwall) so I can maintain my meals for the workday.  Oh, I will most likely keep a tub of my MaxPro protein under my desk ;)) ...  Point blank ... I refuse to go back to where I was .. 170lbs in a 5'1 frame, sluggish, no energy, etc.  I strongly believe that a fit individual is a productive and happy employee.  There is just no excuse in my book. 

2.)  "I travel 50% for my job.  How can I still manage to eat clean and workout?"  - for my traveling professionals, I suggest packing dried oats, tuna pouches and whey protein powder.  I understand you can't possibly eat clean 100% while on a business trip, but you can make healthier choices.  Hubby and I went to Las Vegas this past May.  We knew we would be eating at nice restaurants for lunch and dinners so we watched our portions and packed healthy snacks (i.e. unsalted raw almonds, tuna pouches and vanilla whey protein powder).  We also avoided buffets!  Before starting out the day, we went to the gym first thing (Aria had an awesome fitness center) and if you have ever been to Las Vegas, you do a TON of walking.  So walking was our cardio mainly and we still did our weight routines while on vacation.  If you are traveling on business and at a restaurant, try to order fish and ask that it be cooked w/ no butter, perhaps olive oil and then put on a bed of salad w/ dressing on the side, no croutons.  Just because your colleague orders a heaping bowl of creamy pasta doesn't mean you have to.  And dessert?  Skip and maybe just have only one night of the week you are on your trip ... not every night!  And if your company allows a per diem, see if you can order room service for breakfast (I'm thinking a spinach egg white omelet and a bowl of steaming hot oatmeal with 1 tsp of stevia - skip the brown sugar).  And most hotels have fitness rooms available.  Even just 30 minutes of cardio will help you feel better.  Point blank ... make smart choices.  I always remind myself in these situations ... "you'll regret it after eating it."  I have a trip to Houston here in a couple of weeks and already planning what I will be packing.

3.)  What are good AM and PM snacks? - nonfat Greek yogurt with handful of berries; celery sticks or apple slices w/ 1 tbsp of almond butter; handful of raw almonds; protein shake (I like MaxMuscle's Strawberry MaxPro with 8oz of water and two ice cubes!); or 3 egg whites with a slice of Ezekiel bread, etc.

4.)  How can I get my toddler to eat clean? - when I was training for my first fitness competition, Alexander pretty much saw Mommy eat baked chicken, oatmeal, egg whites, sweet potatoes, brocolli, steamed veggies, tilapia and brown rice.  Monkey see, monkey do!  I truly believe kids absorb everything their parents do and that includes what we put on the table and in our mouths.  I did make Alexander's baby foods when he was around 5 months old to 1 year.  Jason and I worked as a team; he steamed all the veggies on Sunday and I pureed/tupperwared them afterwards.  I think that possibly started him off right, but more so that Alexander saw Mommy/Daddy eating clean that he decided to as well. 

5.)  How do you plan your meals for the week?  - Okay, I have to admit.  I am OCD about certain things I do in life.  Maybe it's because I am an accountant that I can't stand a crooked stamp on an envelope, that my grocery list is in order according to the store's aisles, that I have to check that the stove is off and doors are locked a million times before I head to bed ... c'mon admit you do too!  Lol, back to the question.  Every Sunday morning, I sit down w/ my coffee outside by the pool watching my two boys and I jot down the dinner meals for the week.  Jason is right next to me so I ask him what he would like to eat also for the week.  His lunches are pretty much staple:  I lightly season about 6-7 chicken breasts w/ paprika and garlic salt to marinate overnight and Jason grills them all Monday evening.  Deli meat is alright, but have read that grilled chicken breasts is a better option.  For the week, I pack his sandwiches, nonfat greek yogurt, steamed sweet potatoes and brocolli.  He will ask for a treat here and there so I put a nutty bar or goldfish in there.  Our breakfast is also pretty staple:  oatmeal and egg whites w/ fruits.

After we decide our meals for the week then I compile my list w/ the ingredients needed to make each and every meal.  I do make my list according to the aisles of the store.  Not only does this save us time (and with an active toddler, this is very important!), but it also prevents us from wandering into the unhealthy aisles.  If it's not on the list, we don't need it.  TIP:  don't buy Halloween candy until the day of Halloween!  Or you will find yourself tempted to eat not just a few :-/ .... not worth it.

From Sunday afternoon thru the following Saturday afternoon, we are set.  Jason and I normally enjoy a cheat meal on Saturday evenings so I don't plan on cooking that night.  And now that I will be back in the office, I will most likely cook some of these meals on Sunday and tupperware for the week.  Jason also helps me w/ the brocolli and sweet potatoes by peeling and steaming both.  You will always find tilapia, grilled chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes and brocolli in our fridge for the week.  Eating clean isn't really difficult; it just takes a little planning and effort.  And the benefits are endless!  In addition, clean eating doesn't have to be bland either.  Have you tried my spinach protein pancakes and other clean recipes on my blog? :) ...

6.)  Do you buy all organic? - No, I do not.  Frankly, it is expensive!  There are only a few staples I buy that requires a trip to either Whole Foods or Central Market:  agave nectar, organic whole wheat pancakes w/ no eggs (my hubby is allergic to eggs), coconut oil and ezekiel bread.  I usually just ask hubby to purchase these items from the specialty store since it is on his way to/from work.  I mainly buy bulk at Costco twice a month and the rest at good ol' Walmart.  If you can afford all organic, then go for it.  But in my opinion, you can still eat clean with just normal quality lean meats, produce and everything else.  The only meats I do purchase at Walmart is 96/4 lean ground beef, frozen tilapias and pork chops.  Chicken breasts and salmon I purchase in bulk at Costco.

Another saying I live by, "You can't out train a bad diet!"....

With the holidays just around the corner, it is very important that we remain on track.  I will be visiting my MIL over the Thanksgiving holiday in Ohio and boy oh boy, does she make a wonderful feast!  Hubby and I plan to stay on track for most of now and November so we can enjoy this fabulous meal without guilt.  And definitely when January 2012 rolls around, we will not be putting "weightloss" on our New Year's Resolution list but likely more sleep! ....

Speaking of food, I need to eat Meal 6 :)) ...  keep the emails, text, everything coming!  I love hearing from you as always.  Go Rangers! ....

Mrs. Chilly

Monday, October 17, 2011

hmmm pasta!!! ....

It was one of those days where I wanted pasta!  You probably ask, "umm, is that on your diet?"  Well, it can be!  Just depends how you cook it and what you use.  I normally eat brown rice for my meal 3 during the week and decided to change it up today.  I looked in my pantry and found me a box of whole wheat pasta.  Then moved over to the fridge and looked for a lean protein that can go with it.  One of my favorite Italian dishes is the shrimp scampi.  So today, I decided to somewhat copy and make my very own! ....

April's "shrimp scampi:"

5 oz thawed shrimp (peeled and de-veined) - I like to take off the tail very carefully so I do not waste the shrimp
whole wheat pasta (cooked according to instructions - I make a bit more and tupperware)
1/4 sliced orange and red bell pepper
1/4 sliced red onion
1 tsp minced garlic
fresh squeezed lemon juice
dash of garlic salt and black pepper
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 green onion, chopped

Boil pasta.  Cook shrimp (doesn't take long so watch you do not overcook) and drain excess water.  Add-in 1 tbsp olive oil, garlic, onions and peppers.  Add-in lemon juice and all seasonings.  Immediately add shrimp w/ fixings to hot pasta.  I measured about 3oz of pasta on my plate.  I added 1 more tbsp of olive oil in pasta.  Mix.  Add-in chopped green onions.

Voila!  My pasta fix was delicious with no unhealthy fatty sauces.  Let me know what you think! ...

Mrs. Chilly