Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life is Good ...

I was at the grocery store .. my usual Sunday early morning/afternoon shopping with my son, Alexander.  This may sound totally OCD (heck, it probably is) ... but my grocery list is complete with the meals I will be cooking for my family of three for the week AND the list of items is written down according to the aisle of the grocery store.  So that very last item on the list is the closest to the register.  Do other Moms do this too?  Or am I just that, an obsessive compulsive? :)) ...

Anyway, we were by the sweet potatoes, a staple for the Chilly family each week, when this gentleman, late 30s early 40s I'd say, started a conversation with me about how great sweet potatoes are for you.  Little did he know who he was preaching too lol.  He shared with me his story of how he lost 30lbs (from 315 to 285) by clean eating:  lean proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats.  I shared with him too my story of how I lost the first 45lbs of my total weightloss of 52lbs by clean eating as well (no MaxMuscle/nutritionist yet, but purely by reading, research, etc.).  It was so motivating to speak with this person, and I commended him for his motivation, discipline, efforts and faith that he too will reach his weight loss goal one day.  He proudly even showed me his cart and there I found the foods I normally eat:  liquid egg whites, whole wheat pita, tilapia, oatmeal, brown rice, etc ...  We picked our sweet potatoes finally ... 7 total for my little family and off we went our ways.  I told him I am sure to run into you again and am excited to see your continued progress and to keep up the great work.  As I walked off, Alexander asks, "Who's that Mama?" ... I answered a very nice man who also eats sweet potatoes like you honey.  Alexander replies .. "that's nice, Mama."

So off I went and finished my grocery shopping pondering how much clean eating has helped me in more ways than one.  Yes, I lost the weight ... yes, I can fit in skinny jeans now and all the smaller/cute clothes I had stashed in boxes a few years ago, but that's not all.  When on a clean eating lifestyle, it affects so much more of your overall well-being.  Today, I have more energy, I am less irritable,  I am more focused and driven, I am kind and now with the gentleman I had met at the store ... I actually took a few minutes to enjoy a brief chat with a stranger about his accomplishments and ... sweet potatoes.  Had I been overweight, unhappy, tired .. would I have been as nice and taken the time to listen?  Hmmm, probably not. 

A clean eating lifestyle affected me not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, financially not to mention how you are socially.  I can't begin to tell you how I felt at 170lbs in a 5'1 frame, pretty cruddy :-( ...  One thing for sure though is I am blessed to have found the strength to want to change my unhealthy lifestyle and get moving. What a perfect time too; the year I turned 30!   Also, I have a very curious and active 2.5 year old and he is a huge chunk of the reason I wanted to get fit.  Nowadays, I don't even visit my scale anymore (I think hubby even hid it from me once), but rely on how I feel, how my clothes fit and how I am with people.  I am content and happy in the 120s, 9-10% bodyfat and the muscle I have put on.  I love seeing and hearing the stories of family and friends who share with me their own success and their journeys.  Just the other day hubby received an email from a co-worker asking how I prepare my sweet potatoes and how I season my chicken breasts!  That just makes my day! .. to know that another person has decided to change and give clean eating a try :)) ... 

Now, I can finally say that I have a good grasp and balance with my family, my career and my love for fitness.  All three keep me pretty busy and definitely challenged, which leave me times thinking I have many things in life to be grateful for.  Life is good.


Mrs. Chilly

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