Wednesday, August 24, 2011

MaxMuscle Rockwall and Adam Gilbreath

... Adam and I at the 2011 Europa Supershow and Supplement Expo ...

Growing up in the Filipino culture, food was an integral part of our parties.  Much of the celebration revolved around enjoying my ethnic dishes, while chatting away about cultural jubilee.  If you have ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, multiply that by 3 and that’s my awesome Filipino family.

Unfortunately, those delicious infinite buffets encouraged overly indulgent servings.  So, I was always the biggest AND shortest girl in class. Growing up, I would actually borrow large polo shirts from my Dad to hide as much body fat as I could.  I often wished that I was more involved in sport, and perhaps that would have encouraged a healthier lifestyle.  It wouldn’t be until age 24 that I discovered the benefits of clean eating and strength training, but by then my childhood had passed. 
At age 24, my then kickboxing teacher introduced me to Oxygen Magazine and asked me to attend a Cathy Savage Camp in Boston, a preparation camp for figure, fitness and bikini women aspiring to be future competitors.  There, I learned how clean eating was 80% of the equation and cardio/strength training 20%.  I went to two fitness shows and fell in love with the sport!  At age 25, I married my prince charming, Jason, and at age 29, we had our first child, Alexander Lee.  However, despite the knowledge I had gained about clean eating, I still manage to gain 65lbs in my first pregnancy and day of labor was at 210lbs, my heaviest. 

14 months later, June of 2010 at 170lbs, I decided to give clean eating another shot and the whole 80/20 equation.  I joined a gym, hired a personal trainer and visited my local MaxMuscle Store.  In just 10 months, I had lost over 45lbs!  After losing the 45lbs, I decided that I was ready to set my next goal, which was to compete in my first fitness competition.  Well the timing was just right because in April of 2011, while working out one Tuesday afternoon, I met Adam Gilbreath of MaxMuscle Rockwall.
Through 13 weeks of training/dieting, I was able to get down to 8% body fat at 115lbs day of show.  During the preparation stage, I learned more information on how to eat "clean" (I was not consuming enough protein nor eating enough) and how to effectively manage my time so that I could allocate time to my career, family and workout schedule.  It was an incredible experience, and I enjoyed working with Adam along the way.  I chose MaxMuscle Rockwall and Adam because of their professional approach to customer service and exceptional focus to each and every client.  I had the option to select other nutritional competitors, however at the end, MaxMuscle was the one who took the time to speak and walk me through what I needed to know to compete in my first NPC show. 
MaxMuscle Rockwall location has always been professional, whether I come in for measurements alone or with my 2 year old son and husband; I always felt welcomed and never pressured to buy products that I did not need.  I especially like the fact that I can taste the product before purchasing and I must say strawberry MaxPro and chocolate Iso-Extreme rock!  Come to think of it though, I have not yet tasted a product at MaxMuscle that I actually didn’t like.
Many thanks MaxMuscle Rockwall, John Hagaman and Adam Gilbreath for being a part of my fitness journey!  I am looking forward to working with you again for my 2nd competition in the near future.  I am still training hard and maintaining my clean diet during offseason and even my two boys, Jason and Alexander are reaping the countless benefits of eating clean.  MaxMuscle Rockwall, you will always be a part of our family.
April P. Chilcoat, 30
Dallas, Texas


Anonymous said...

I'm curious at how much "extra" outside of the Max Muscle supplements you took to get your look on the day of your show. I'm sorry, but you can't look like that without taking something on the side. It goes beyond clean eating and protein shakes and the gym. What presciption meds did you take, too?

Mrs. Chilly said...

Hi Anonymous,

You are right and you are wrong. I did not take any "prescribed meds" during the 12 wks of training. I did take dhea and low testosterone supplements starting at 8 wks out. And I hated it. It gave me pimples and just like you said that's not "clean.". This was my very first competition and part of doing it is learning exactly how these competitors looked the way they do. After doing it and discussing with my hubby, if and when I do decide to do another, I plan to just do it the way I want and believe to be healthy and that is by clean eating, hardcore gym (not going to lie to you, I was in the gym sometimes twice a day starting at 4 weeks out) and whey protein.

I just had a baby so keep an eye out for my fitness journey #2 where I do it all over again to get lean and healthy. And with no supplements or prescribed meds as you say.

And as a note, even when I'm not dieting for a purpose, I rarely drink alcohol, eat junk and I definitely do not take any pills other than my prenatal vitamins.

Your question is something I asked many of my fitness friends as well because it disappointed me to learn that other competitors took things that contradicted the true meaning of clean eating.