Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Weight Room

I am back! Survived busy season 2011 and now ready to enjoy spring/summer! What Jason and I love about Texas is how summer here seem to start in April :) ...
My 4/30 birthday dinner/dancing bash, Las Vegas trip with hubby for the Manny Pacquiao fight first week of May, a visit to my long-time friend, Andrea and her beautiful family in Austin, braces coming off (yes!), my in-laws visiting from Cleveland in June and just fun in the sun by the swimming pool with my two boys ... the events I am looking forward to! ...
April has been a significant month so far - a TON of birthdays to celebrate/celebrated, including mine and my son's, births of two handsome nephews and the passing of a kind, gentle and big-hearted Uncle (Uncle Rudy, may you rest in peace, you will never be forgotten) ...
In regards to fitness, April is a bit of a sad month for me as I have decided to stop my personal training and reduced my group exercise classes :o( ..... thus, on to the weight room .. which I have dreaded ever since I stepped foot in a large gym back in 2004. Why? ...
Plateau. I am finally down to a healthy weight for my height, weighing in at 120.5 as of 4/20/11, size 2. Through 5 to 6 small meals a day (clean eating), a combination of cardio and strength training, lots of reading and learning and tremendous support from family and friends, I was able to lose a total of 45lbs in a little over 10 months. 6/21/11 will be the anniversary of joining LA Fitness and I have to say that it has been a rewarding, hard, yet fun year, not to mention a learning experience. I have met so many people who have helped me achieve this goal and kept me inspired: Jackie, Tracy, Julie, Neil, Stephanie, Missy just to name a few. Emily, Deepa, Ariel, Michele, Stefanie, Angela, Tony, Cha-Cha, Rebecca, Tanya - a few friends I have met who have been supportive and kind throughout the fitness journey.
After 10 months of being a participant in my bodyworks, turbokick and step classes and 10 months of personal training, I feel I am ready to change up my routine and try the weight room - face the fear! Before, you would NEVER find me in the weight room w/ all the boys (a few girls) unless I was training w/ Neil or lifting with my hubby, Jason. Now, with the routines I have under my sleeve and constant practice of good form etc ... all compiled from my personal training sessions, exercises from Oxygen Magazine and from my instructors - I feel the urge to give it a shot on my own - self training. It's not like I had planned to have a personal trainer all my life ... that would not only be expensive, but eventually it should guide you to self-train yourself. "Give a Man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a Man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime." Well I am there.
So while I am really sad and will miss everyone in my classes, I will pop in and join once in a while because in a few months I am sure it will be time to once again change it up. Right now at 120, I have 5lbs left to reach my 115 goal and to add more lean muscle to my physique. I've been a subscriber to Oxygen for 3 years now and love how these Mom(s) models balance career, mom/wife duties and fitness. Nothing is impossible. The motivation and dedication to leading a healthy lifestyle, not to mention our children who see/absorb this lifestyle is just the beginning of a healthy lifestyle for them as they grow. We are their #1 fan and their #1 role models. We should live up to that. Alexander sees me eating my steamed brocolli and sweet potatoes, oatmeal and always wants to try and ends up loving it. I feel great when he enjoys what Mama eats because I know it is good and wholesome for his little growing body.
So I am not completely disappearing from the classes and/or training in the mornings. Just changing up things a bit. I have become really interested in fitness, figure and bikini competitions and have pondered can I do this?!? (not to mention talked Tracy Payne and Julie Matusz to death about the topic lol ;) ... Well, to train for any of these competitions, I will definitely need to change my routine and tackle my fear of the weight room. This week I have been doing just that - cardio and lifting certain body parts each day. And I surprised myself after Monday's glutes and leg workout that I sweated as much and worked as hard had I been with my personal trainer. Did I do that on my own? Wow. Hey, I told myself, I can do this. And now it is almost Thursday, I can still feel the soreness in my glutes and legs. A personal accomplishment after reflecting back on where I started just a little under a year ago.
Many of you have asked that I share my diet and routine so here it is. Again, change is good when it comes to exercise routines and a clean diet so what you find below changes quite a bit (weekly - especially diet):
EXERCISE as of 4/17/11 (still experimenting/constant learning):
Monday - 20 min cardio; legs and glutes Tuesday - 20 min cardio; chest and triceps Wednesday - 20 min cardio; shoulders Thursday - 30 min running; abs Friday - 20 min cardio; legs and glutes
Saturday - back, biceps and abs
Sunday - rest (or walk Alexander in stroller)
Cardio is a mix of running, elliptical or stairmill
Meal 1: 3 egg whites and 1/2 cup oatmeal (cinnamon, 1 splenda, 1 tbsp bee pollen, 1tbsp wheat germ, 1 tbsp ground flaxseed and chopped fruit)
Meal 2: 1 or 2 tilapia filets seasoned with cumin, ground ginger and sea salt, garlic spinach, 1/2 steamed sweet potato and 1 oz sliced avocado
Meal 3: 5 oz non-fat plain Greek yogurt mixed with walnuts and/or sliced medium banana
Meal 4: 4 oz water mixed with vanilla whey protein (usually after workout), rice cake w/ 1 tbsp almond butter
Meal 5: 1 4oz chicken breast sauteed in 1 tbsp of olive oil, sliced onions, 4oz steamed sweet potato and steamed brocolli
Meal 6: 1/2 cup of 1% milk One or two cheat "meals" on the weekends. I emphasize "meals" meaning eat clean all day and cheat last meal in the evening (or any time of the day) - just don't eat bad the entire day, then you have erased all that hardwork all week. I am interested in competing in one of these competitions so stay tuned - maybe I will decide to sign up and send in my registration fee (Tracy - I need you! :). I swear after getting my health together and back on track, my bucket list of things to do in life has tremendously grown. Guess that is a good thing ;) ...
For those of you just starting out, I strongly recommend the group exercise classes. I would not be where I am at without them. LA has great instructors and are very helpful with questions and always ready to help. Also if you just need motivation, discipline or an ear, I am an email, facebook, phone call or text away :o) - we all have our own fitness journey ...
Happy Easter and Training Everyone - keep up the great work! ...

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