Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hardwork Pays Off :)

This past weekend I joined my friend and bodyworks instructor, Julie Matusz - for a R.I.P.P.E.D master class in Rockwall. Julie has been such a wonderful friend who has continued to inspire me in my fitness journey. Whether it is over a healthy brunch at City Blends in Rowlett, after her Bodyworks class at LA Fitness or simply via email or text, she has always been there to answer my questions or guide me in the world of fitness! Thank you Julie! ....
Not only was it an amazing class (, I also met some wonderful and inspiring people. This entire weekend I couldn't help but think, I want to become a group exercise instructor one day :) .... Don't get me wrong I love my steady job as a tax accountant, specializing in foreign national and expatriate tax, but also love and embrace fitness. Every email/text I get from family and/or friends (Emily, Reeta, Ginni, Chinna, Crystal, Julian to name a few) asking for help/advice or just to share w/ me their progression further motivates me more to partake in the fitness industry. Because I too have been in his/her shoes and needed a little (or BIG) push to get the show going! This weekend I also compared before and after pictures of myself and teared up at the result. Did I do that in 8 months?!? Really?!? ....
Wow, everyday I wake up more energized than the day before. I no longer wake up dreading what outfit to put on, fearing will the button pop out, leaving my closet w/ piles of clothes on the floor that just didn't fit, skipping breakfast in hopes of losing a pound lol .... No more tears of humiliation and embarassment and self-questioning of why I let myself go :-/ .... Why it took so long for me to get off the couch, I don't know. But I am so glad I finally did.
Have a great week everyone. Make this the Monday to start :) ....
Me back in July 2010 at 165lbs with my Alexander:

At R.I.P.P.E.D 2/12/11 at 129lbs:

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