Friday, January 14, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

Ahhh, a fresh new year ... 2011! The year I will turn 30 - yeah!!
As I wait for my class to start at LA Fitness, I quickly glance around to see the new faces who vow to make this year the year they change their bodies, not many surprisingly. Then I begin to reflect to the day that I first stepped into the same gym who also vowed to change her body for good - June 21, 2010.
Now 7 months later, 35 lbs lighter and muscle I did not know existed ..... here I was in the front of my bodyworks, step and kickboxing class. Who would have thought?!? ....
If you have read my first initial blog, you will know that the knowledge of clean eating and exercise did not make sense to me in the beginning. I read quite a bit throughout my journey (Oxygen Magazine, Tosca Reno's The Eat Clean Diet, assistance from my kickboxing teacher, attended a camp, etc.) and familiarized myself in the weight room and the class studio with the help of a personal trainer.
After writing my first blog (pouring my heart out), I have received several emails from women who are/were on the same boat as I was, and women who are eager to also make a lifestyle change for good ... whether it is to become a better person, a better wife/mom, to increase energy or to simply feel good about herself. Thank you so much to all of you who have wrote to me to share your woes/successes and life stories. Thank you to those who have congratulated and believed in me -your emails continue to motivate me in the gym and through my clean eating journey. Trust me, it is not easy. Which makes me wonder how those negative people in our lives think they can help us change by ridiculing us or reminding us we are overweight?!?! Stay away from those peeps. Surround yourself with only positive people who will motivate you throughout your journey. I tell you these same negative people are just fearful ... fearful you will leave them behind in their processed sugar, no nutritious content eating lifestyle. Nonsense ....
Along with working fulltime, taking care of my hubby and son, please know I promise to respond back to you. You take the time to write to me, I will take the time to listen and write back to you.
For now, I urge you to exercise and continue learning about eating clean. Pick up Oxygen magazine, Tosca Reno's The Eat Clean Diet and join a gym (budget permitting). It starts with moving and learning as much as you can with nutrition.
Some of you have asked for a sample menu of my day ... stay tuned ;) ...
Here are few of my favorite recipes so far:

Post-workout oatmeal with cinnamon, 1 tsp organic honey, 1 tbsp of ground flaxseed and fresh strawberries.

Salad .. baby spinach leaves, grape tomatoes, 1 slice avocado and 1 tbsp olive oil (healthy fats), feta and 1 tbsp vinagrette dressing. Scallops (cooked in fresh garlic, fresh lemon juice and basil) and brown rice.
Make it your year! Let's go divas! ....
Cheers to fitness!

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