Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday - By example, of course ....

Happy Thursday folks ;) - just one more day until the weekend where we look forward to spending quality time with our spouses, significant others and our children. This blog is geared to the Moms (and Dads) of the world.
Whether you are a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) or the career-oriented Mama (COM) ... I am making up these abbreviations by the way for my sake ;), we all ask the same question - "where can I fit my exercise goals in?" while managing my family and household. Us Moms often feel like we have to devote 100% of our time to our children with no time for ourselves. Sure that may be alright for some, but we must also remember to set aside time for our significant others and most importantly, ourselves. I don't know about you, but just 1 hour of exercise, along with clean eating, gives me such a boost of energy that after my workday, I am pumped, energized and re-charged to care and play with my Alexander. Not to mention, children absorb what his/her parents do everyday. For example, my son is active while at home, rarely watches television and very rarely eats junk such as fast food and sweets. How did that happen? By example, of course.
Alexander sees what his Mommy eats and instantaneously wants to try my egg white omelette, homemade salads, lean potroast, lean taco beef, healthy soups, whole wheat pasta, greek yogurt, fruits, spinach, squash, etc. The fact that Mommy does not frequent McDonalds or Domino's pizza, the less he is exposed to these unhealthy food choices. Alexander will be turning 22 months old in a couple of weeks and he still has no appetite for cheeseburgers or pizza. Really? By example, of course.
Now don't mistaken me. I will not deprive Alexander of these "cheat" foods. I am merely teaching him that at our house, we eat clean 95% of the time. Of course, he can go to McDonalds' with the grandparents once in awhile, enjoy cake and ice cream at his buddies birthday parties, including his own. My point is by letting us Moms/Dads take just an hour of physical activity and eating clean, we are giving so much more to our own children ... a life lesson of being healthy and prolonging life! By example, of course!
So enough of the excuses please, "I simply don't have time." If you have time to chat on your cell phone, update your status on Facebook, browse your friends' and families' facebook, watch TV while eating potato chips .... you have time to do a 30 minute cardio activity and 30 minute weight exercise. And enough time to plan/cook meals. It all starts in you - the example!
There are many options at the gym for children. I see many SAHMs at LA Fitness who bring their children to the Kids Club daily and COM who use the services as well. These moms look happy, amazing, healthy and the kids look forward to going to the gym! How cool is that? At a young age, your child is already witnessing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This may prompt them to want to exercise, play sports and meet new friends. The benefits are just endless. And it benefits our children.
I can't imagine eating a whole bag of chips or cookies in front of Alexander. Nor be an inactive and unhealthy Mama. What kind of role model would I be? What kind of example would I be? I believe education starts at home and education starts with us, the Parents.
Cheers to fitness!

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